Instruction to join the Gravis Finance x Evervoid Free mint - 1000 NFTs T01

Instruction to join the Gravis Finance x Evervoid Free mint – 1000 NFTs T01


Instruction to join the Gravis Finance x Evervoid Free mint – 1000 NFTs T01


What is Evervoid? 

Evervoid will take you into a vast cosmic empire with lots of asteroids. You will play a role as the owner of a planet, build an army, go to other planets to fight and exploit.

Gravis aspires to create a Metauniverses by:

  • Evervoid will cooperate with many other NFTs to open new chapters, gameplay, missions and rewards will be updated continuously.
  • Develop Cross-chain NFT marketplace: A place to buy, sell and exchange NFT items of many games on many different chains on the same marketplace. 

Thanks to these features, the future of a multi-platform, multi-game universe is gradually becoming a reality. At the same time, the development of Evervoid is also more sustainable, not stopping at the “trend” or “phenomenon” level in the short term.

Referring to Evervoid, gamers will immediately mention the following 3 unique points, helping the game stand out in the midst of the wave of NFT Games launched in 2021:

  • Beautiful graphics, good effects, attractive gameplay 
  • Available at Polygon and BSC platforms. There will be more platforms coming soon
  • Exchange items on Gmart – the first Cross-chain NFT Marketplace with extremely low commission

Introduction to T01 full collection on Gravis

This is a collection put together by Gravis Finance with T01 inspired by the Evervoid universe with various sci-fi series! Each NFT in T01 is unique, made of 130 puzzle pieces and designed exclusively for the Evervoid game. Generations of combat robots T01 promise to bring the ultimate experience in the Evervoid game. This is considered one of the valuable and desirable collections, not only helping owners to earn income from it, but also many other benefits.

On the occasion of the launch of NFT T01, Gravis Finance offers many rewards to the community:

  • 1000 NFTs T01 for those who contributed and loved the project, and invited AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE to join the project’s Telegram, and took the required steps at this link.
  • GET MORE valuable WHITELIST RIGHTS if you invite AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE
  • MORE PEOPLE – MORE REWARDS mechanism: The more people you invite, the higher your chances of winning
Gravis Finance x Evervoid Free mint

Owners of this NFT will receive special and attractive rights from Gravis:

Especially, the price of these NFT will increase after each mining event. That’s why, you should own this NFT as soon as possible!

How to join this Gravis Finance x Evervoid Free Mint – 1000 NFTs T01

This event will start from December 27, 2021 at 12:00 am to January 10, 2022 at 11:59 pm. You should get the Polygon or BSC wallter first to join this event. There will be 1000 winners who get the highest points. 

Step 1: Fill in the blank with the required information 

Step 2: Check your email to get the code and then fill in the blank to confirm your participation. 

Step 3: Complete the tasks list below. You will have to answer 2 questions related to T01. 

  • Get more rewards for joining the Gravis game universe
  • Participate in special Gravis events
  • Speed ​​up when mining the universe
  • Stronger fighting ability
  • Can breed to produce new robots

Tips: Don’t worry if you do not know the answer because we are here to help you get through this difficult questions.

Please choose the answer like these photos. 

Step 4: You should invite at least 5 friends to join this event. Remember that the more people you invite, the more chance you get the whitelist. 

Note: No purchase is necessary to enter or win. A purchase does not increase the chances of winning.

Different from other airdrop events in which you just need to do a few steps to get the free NFTs, the winners of this event will be choosen based on the partcipants’ active level and effort. Follow BlockSolFi to get the latest news about Gravis Finance x Evervoid Free mint – 1000 NFTs T01 in the future.